Pain MAnagement and Physical Therapy

How I Managed My Pain

Car accident injury recovery can be a pain...LITERALLY.
Make sure you look into local health services that may be available.  First, talk to your Dr., and see what different services he or she may  recommend.
After my car accident, I took advantage of a local brain treatment center located across the street from the hospital I was recovering at. I also took advantage of physical therapy services.  When I was able, Tai Chi and Yoga classes were recommended. I did take a  Tai Chi class while in college, and strongly recommend you look into  it. It will help you not only work on your posture, but it will also  assist you in proper breathing, and all around exercise.
Make sure you TALK TO YOUR Dr. before you engage in any physical therapy!!!! You do NOT want to make you injuries worse!
Friends have also recommended Pain Management Therapy, Acupressure, and Massage Therapy. If you have insurance, these treatments may or may not be covered.
**TALK TO YOUR Dr.** that year.