Games For Accident Recovery

Staying alert and working to improve mental process is very  important in recovery. Mixing in some fun can really speed things along.  Many different games can assist in brain development, assist in memory  enhancement, and mental rehabilitation. Games can involve a combination of problem solving, pattern recognision, and memory process.

Types of Games


Various Puzzles do aid and test mental development. There are word puzzles, 3-d puzzles, you can try model building. Shape recognition, and focused mental process keep the mind off of pain caused by accident injuries and encourange  mental growth and recovery. I heard on the radio that people playing the  video puzzle game 'Tetris' showed increase in actual brain growth. Stimulation of electrical brain cell receptors and increased activity may very well be the cause.

Video Games

Keeping your brain stimulated is key to recovery.  Exercise, problem  solving, and memory tasks are all parts of that process.  

The Nintindo  Wii was a great gaming system that offers stimulation in each of those areas, and a whole lot of fun  into the mixture.

The Nintindo Wii stands out because of the many games in  which the system requires you to actually get up and move around.   The  system comes with one set of sports games and a joystick 'nunchuck' set  up that occupies your hands and allows you to participate in video game  versions of sports favorites like bowling, tennis, boxing, and golf.   These are great fun activities that encourage accident victims to work  to improve hand eye coordination, and the other brain stimulation  activities previously mentioned.

The Wii Fit is another great  recovery assistance tool.   This Nintindo Wii add on set contains a Wii  FIt Balance Board, and a game disk that contains a variaty of fitness  games.   You first log in to track weight and Body Mass Index, set up  goals, and learn your Wii Fit Age.   This is based on the weight, your  posture, and your reaction to different balance tests.  You can also have digital trainers guide you through yoga, you can  participate in a variety of cardio games, balance games, and reaction  tests.  Best of all....It's FUN!

Board Games

I played a variety of different board games while in the brain  treatment program. These assisted in encouraging brain development in a  variety of ways. 

Pattern Recognition

Strategy and Skill building through Game Play

Human Interaction through Game Play

Basic Math Usage(Counting and Subtraction Durring Game Play)


The Board Games made it a lot easier to escape my pain  and work while still staying alert to work on rebuilding my brain power  and thought processes.  

Card Games

Running a holiday sale or weekly speThere are a variety of card games that can assist in mental development.    The key              again is to promote the development of strategy through  competition.  Image recognition and memory definately come into play.             Recoverying from head injuries is a continual process.    Mixing up different games can also assist in promoting mental  development.


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