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Everything you put into your body will effect your physical recovery.   Some foods have the right nutrients needed to help build bones, some repair and rebuild tissue, some others can provide energy and increase physical and mental stamina

I was made aware that there are many more foods that you should  avoid.  I woke up in the hospital with swollen knees and a stiff neck.    I assumed that would be quite normal CONSIDERING ALL OF MY OTHER  INJURIES.    Months went by and the swelling continued.  The shock from  my accident seemed to push my immune system into overdrive.   I could  not stop the inflamation of my joints.    Some of my medications were  reducing my appetite.  My Jaw was still healing and I was loosing too  much weight.      

I  have a great friend that has converted to a Raw Food diet.   He  suggested to start juicing fruits and vegetables, and lay off of foods  that contained processed sugars and starches.   He didn't tell me to  stop eating meat, although he doesn't  agree with it.  The focus was  avoiding the processed sugars and starches.  He also gave me a small juicer,  whole bunch of health supplements to sample, and a few fruit and  vegetable combinations to start out with.   I took to the juicing  quickly.    A year later he gave me a larger juicer.    A favorite juice of mine has half a pineapple(great at helping to  reduce swelling), a couple of oranges, a serious amount of spinach, 5 or  6 large carrots, and a sweet potato(It does make a LOT of juice which  is great nutrition for someone having trouble eating.

The juice is a real energy pick up, and it  lasted longer than coffee.   At that time all I would drink would be  juice and water.    I would still eat most regular meals but reduced the  sugars and starches.   I had stopped eating breads for a while, and  found that potatoes and tomatoes increased my inflammation.  If I had  french fries at lunch I would start feeling sore joints again pretty  quickly.   The same would occur if I ate food items containing tomatoes.  

It wasn't long after making the veg and fruit  juices that I began to do more exercise. I now go to the gym regularly and work with kettle bells, along with body weight exercises. My appetite is back, and I am stronger than ever before.

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