i was in A horrible Car accident.   THis is my Story of recovery

My Car Accident Story

i was in A horrible Car accident.   THis is my Story of recovery

My Car Accident Story

About My Bad Car Accident

My Story


I was in a BAD CAR ACCIDENT a few years ago.  It changed my life completely. I did have car insurance, but unfortunately I did not speak to an Injury Attorney. I now understand that speaking to a LAWYER about the car accident could have helped me out a great deal!

I was told the woman that originally called 911 says that the other driver ran a red light causing the car crash. The police report says that I ran the red light.

..Due to my injuries, I can no longer remember most of that year.

See an INJURY ATTORNEY, and talk to a doctor immediately if you are  injured in a CAR ACCIDENT. A good Lawyer can help you get the help need.My own journey to finding a healthy lifestyle has given me insight  into the many challenges one encounters. This enables me to bring a high level of empathy, respect, and understanding. 

Car Accident Damage


The car crash occured while I was driving home for my lunch break and  was just about a block from my office.  I was broad-sided. An SUV  crashed into my driver side door.  I think the bumper of the truck  struck the right side of my face.  Paramedics had to use the JAWS OF LIFE to cut through the roof of my car and get me out of my newly demolished saturn.  One of the accident witnesses claimed they thought I was dead.   I was bleeding from my eyes and ears.

My Car Accident Injuries


The car accident broke my jaw, my  nose was split open, and my lip was torn. I now have arthritis. I had to  go through brain therapy and learn to live again. These pages list some  of the things I dealt with after my car accident, my injuries, my accident recovery, and the many things that helped me cope and get my life back together.        
I not only had to deal with new physical  limitations, which inluded pain, lack of mobilty, and difficulty  sleeping. I was now also dealing with memory loss and new financial  burdons. If I did not have car insurance, I would have been in bigger trouble.  

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Take care of your health and mind!

I am working hard to improve my heath and fitness.   I am feeling much better.  I have a great career, work out everyday and surround myself with wonderful people.

My bad car accident