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My Bad Car Accident Story

My Accident Recovery

After my car accident, one of my first memories of the hospital stay was waking up in a large net. I'm told that I was constantly trying to escape my bed and visit other patients.

My dad would great me each morning with a question:

"Good Morning son, what have you been up to today?"

My Replies were always different, and somewhat amusing.

"I've been racing cars in the parking lot, and doing donuts."

"I'm delivering weed to my patients. They need weed man. Can I bum a cigarette?"

"There are spies in here. Tami(my sister) is really a spy. Don't let her in here."

I had a bracelet on my arm with which would trigger alarms should I leave my floor. My dad would often fall asleep at my bedside only to awaken to find me missing. After a frantic search of the hospital, staff would find me curled up in a ball somewhere sound asleep.

PHYSICAL THERAPY WAS VERY IMPORTANT. I also attended a brain treatment center, Much of it my therapy involved playing games and other different forms of exercise. I was fortunate to have friends show up and help me with the physical therapy. It made it more enjoyable, and I was able to catch up on all of the good gossip I was missing out on while cooped up in the hospital. We would toss a ball back and forth, and they would help me balance while I learned to walk again.

Games were also VERY helpful. We'd play a lot of games at the Brain treatment center I was going to. I also started playing a lot of "Mario Kart" which is a racing game made by Nintindo.It's been said that taxi drivers show a great deal of brain growth due to consantly being required to learn new routes. Driving games like Mario Kart mimic the same route memorization and I think was very helpful.