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My Bad Car Accident Story

Car Accident Health Services

Car Accident Health Services

If someone you love has been injured in a car accident, please remember tolook into local health services that may be available to you. First, talk to your Doctor, and see what different injury recovery services he or she may recommend. If you are having trouble after the accident finding accident recovery recources, you may also wish consult your LAWYER.

Diet is also extremely important. Please see our Recovery Diet Tips Page.

I was able to get treatment at a local BRAIN TREATMENT CENTER located across the street from the hospital I was recovering at. We were able to evaluate my recovery, and work through areas were I was having difficulty. I was also able to interact with other recovering accident victims dealing with similar trauma.

I was also able to participate in different physical therapy services. Some were provided by the hospital, and others were recomended by friends and family. The hospital had me doing assisted exercises in a swimming pool durring the period I was still weak. The water reduced the stress on my joints, which also helped reduce some of the back pain, while still allowing me to work on getting my cardio up and rebuild muscles.

When I was able, Tai Chi and Yoga classes were recommended. I did take a Tai Chi class while in college, and strongly recommend you look into it.

MAKE SURE YOU TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR before you engage in any physical therapy!!!! You do NOT want to make your injuries worse! Friends have also recommended Pain Management Therapy, Acupressure, and Massage Therapy. If you have insurance, these treatments may or may not be covered. **TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR.**