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My Bad Car Accident Story

My Face After Car Accident

My Car Accident Injuries

I was pretty beat up. The bumper of the SUV went through my driver's side door and broke my jaw. Doctors couldn't wire it shut do to swelling in my head.

My lip was ripped open, my nose had split, and I had been bleeding from the eyes and ears. My nose lip and a few other areas required stitches. There was also damage to the bone surrounding my left eye.

I was told upon leaving the hospital that the trauma to my Prefrontal Cortex(you can see the stitches across my forehead) could easily cause a personality change. Put simply, there was a good chance I could become a very mean or very nice person. More specifically, this portion of the brain is responsible for your decision making. Choosing right from wrong, and consideration of consequences.

I was also now dealing with arthritis and experiencing a great deal of pain in my neck, back, and knees. Stress from my injuries caused my immune system to go into overdrive. Sore joints were only part of my pain. Pain made walking difficult. Sleeping was not easy either. Rolling over in bed would often cause so much pain I would wake up in the middle of the night.